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The best 10-day Transylvania itinerary you need to try

You’ve read and seen amazing pictures of Transylvania. And this made you consider a trip to explore this area. But at the same time, you’re not sure how to create the best Transylvania itinerary.

I took the time to check the best routes and approaches and shared in this article the best 10-day Transylvania itinerary you need to try.

Start with a 3-day stay in Sibiu

I highly recommend you consider starting your trip to Sibiu. This is one of the most beautiful places in Transylvania, and it can get you access to numerous historical routes, colorful towers, and medieval buildings. Sibiu was founded back in the 12th century, and it still has its original stone wall defenses intact.

A 3-day stay in Sibiu will allow you to explore the Brukenthal Palace, the Brukenthal Museum, the Astra Ethnographic Museum, several medieval towers, the old fortress walls, and many other local attractions. And the best part about Sibiu is that it is filled with local restaurants and cafes with fantastic menus.

Follow up with a 2-day stay in Sighisoara

I genuinely love this small citadel city. Sighisoara was built back in the 12th century by the Saxons, and it represents one of the seven remaining citadels spread all over Transylvania. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is a great place to stay, relax, and enjoy the authentic traditional lifestyle of the locals.

A 2-day stay is more than enough for this city in Transylvania, and you will get to explore an amazing Evangelic Church, the Old Clock Tower, and the nicely built cobblestone streets.

Move to a 4-day stay in Brasov

Brasov is one of those cities that gets more attention than other towns in Transylvania. And I can say from my experience that there is always something to discover in this city. It has a well-preserved medieval center with plenty of medieval buildings still in place.

The main attraction in this city is represented by the Black Church, Graft Bastion, and the Weavers’ Bastion. Yet, after I allowed two days to explore all the museums and local tourist attractions, I discovered something interesting about this city. Brasov’s Old City Centre gets you access to Tampa, a mountain cliff in the middle of the city. And the view on top is impressive! It is a beautiful area to hike or stroll around amid nature, while still being in the heart of the city.

For my last day in this city, I took a short trip to Poiana Brasov, an area where each winter, you can explore gentle ski slopes.

Bonus tip: 1-day in Bran

With a short bus ride to Bran, you will get the chance to visit Dracula’s Castle. This medieval building attracts a wide array of tourists every year, and it would be a shame no to visit it on your way back to Sibiu.

This was a regal palace back in the day, but many used this castle as the primary reference for the famous Count Dracula’s story.

So, to top off your best Transylvania itinerary, you should allow one day to visit the rather exciting fortress.