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How to spend a day in Sibiu

No matter if you have a layover in Sibiu, Transylvania, or you simply want to discover this beautiful city, you should know there are plenty of activities you can do in just one day.

I was a first-time tourist in this city, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much Transylvania has to offer.

So, I decided to share with you my top itinerary on how to make the best of a day spent in Sibiu.

Start your day with a nice and delicious breakfast

If you arrive early in Sibiu (but not only), I highly encourage you to take the time to enjoy breakfast. One of my top recommendations is Café Wien. It is located in the Historic Centre of Sibiu, offering a lovely view of the Old Market. They serve a wide array of dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options. And the best part about this place is that they specialize in unique coffee blends.

Explore the Historic Centre of Sibiu

And because Café Wien is amidst top tourist attractions in Sibiu, it allows you to start exploring this city as soon as you finish breakfast. The first stop for me was at the Evangelical Cathedral in the Albert Huet Market. It is a rather impressive building, and if you can even visit a small section of its interior if there is an open exhibit. Also, you can take some interesting pictures in Albert Huet Market, as the top stairs positioned there to offer an impressive view of the old architecture characteristic in Transylvania.

From here, you can make your way to the famous Bridge of Lies (or `Podul Minciunilor`). It is a pedestrian bridge that connects the two major areas of Central Sibiu: the Small Square and the Lower and Upper Town. It is a rather interesting monument, as the wall supporting the staircase today still uses stone support, preserved from the initial medieval construction.

After you explore and admire this beautiful bridge, you can stop at a historic building, which was used as the main inn during the Hungarian empire. The Zur Ungarische Krone was constructed back in the 18th century, and it used to have a direct walkway towards the Bridge of Lies. As for today, you can only admire its exterior.

To tell you the truth, from here on, I took the time to simply wander around Sibiu’s Streets to discover interesting architectural approaches. I ended up at the Stair’s Tower and made my way with a two minutes’ walk to the famous Council Tower. I highly encourage you to enter the tower and climb the stairs to the top. The view of the city is mesmerizing.

Photo by Ioana Scholler on Unsplash

Take a break and have lunch in Piata Mare (the Main Square)

From the Council Tower, you can enter Piata Mare, which is the Main Square of the Historic Sibiu. Depending on the time of the year you visit, you can find here several events taking place, including the Sibiu Jazz Festival or the Christmas Market. Anyhow, after exploring by foot the city, you can have lunch at La Taifas, a small and cozy restaurant in the square.

Explore Brukenthal and head for a traditional dinner

I took the time to explore the Brukenthal Palace, and you should know that this palace hosts the National Art Museum. As such, you can spend the entire afternoon exploring this interesting art gallery, which features both Romanian and European Exhibits. And if you have spare time after visiting the museum, you can head to the Turnul Olarilor or Potters Tower, which represents a preserved area of the old city’s fortifications.

As for dinner, I stopped at Crama Sibiul Vechi, which is a traditional restaurant with a wine cellar. There are plenty of delicious dishes that can entice your taste buds, along with an impressive wine variety.