Discover the mysteries of the land beyond the forest.

Alba Iulia is the heart of Transylvania, located in its center. Usually, many tourists overlook it from their travel list.

But did you know there are plenty of things to discover in Alba Iulia in a day? Well, if you want some tips on what to do in Alba Iulia, keep reading. We’ve shared with you the best local attractions you must admire!

Start your tour at Parc Cetate

Parc Cetate is the core of Alba Iulia, being the point from where you can explore the old city center, along with the medieval fortifications. It has an interesting shape with an impressive fountain in the middle. One of the exists hosts the Unirii Sculpture, a commemoration site to remember about the hard times in which the country was divided. Upon your exit from the park, make sure you check the Avram Iancu sculpture.

Start exploring one of the most beautiful fortresses in Transylvania

Alba Iulia is a unique city, which is why you will discover in its center several ancient fortifications and castles. Look for the Fourth Gate of the Fortress and continue your tour from there. At a short distance, you will discover the Romano-Catholic Cathedral Saint Michael, one of the most valuable monuments in Transylvania. It is a Romanesque cathedral, but it features several interesting architectural approaches. Make sure you look for the Lazoi chapel, an interesting Renaissance construction.

Admire the Unirii Hall

As for today, this place is a museum, but we can say from our experience, it has one of the most beautiful halls in Transylvania. From here, you can make your way to the National Museum of History.

Photo by Ovidiu Gruescu on Unsplash

Reserve the day for the largest fortress in the country: Alba Carolina

Upon your stroll until this point, you most likely saw several medieval towers and gates. Well, these are the seven gates that made Alba Carolina so famous. Back in the 18th century, Marquis de Vauban created and implemented this innovative system of fortifications we can admire today in Alba Iulia. Make sure you check the iconic road of the three main fortifications, along with the Third Gate of the Fortress and the popular monument of Horea, Closca, and Crisan.

Make your way back to the Square Piata Cetatii

After exploring the fortress, you can make your way back to the main square inside its walls. You can have a small lunch or a café at Carolina Café or La Vizitiu.

Stroll around the citadel to discover interesting sculptures

After your break, you can start exploring the area once again. Look for the Custozza Monument and the Lossenau Monument, both of which being in the Square Piata Cetatii. From there, you will discover across the street, the 1 December 1918 University, an interesting building with unique architectural designs. Nearby, you will find the Apor Palace, an interesting building, which you can visit for a small fee. And you can finish your day trip to Alba Iulia with some rest in the Japanese Garden. Of course, if you want to have a nice dinner, you can check the Dante Café & Dine, close to the Parc Cetate.